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We treat roofs with a product to replenish oils in the materials used that dry out due to environments they are in.

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Rejuv-A-Shingle in Riverside County, California offers commercial and residential roof rejuvenation services. We offer affordable and competitive pricing; discounts are available for the military, first responders, veterans, and seniors.

Rejuv-A-Shingle in Riverside County CA offers clean, fast, and professional services. We’d like to share a little about our company: “Uses a USDA 90% Biobased Product That Extends 5-15 Years of Your Roof Life, Biogreen, 5-Year Transferable Warranty, Promote Granular Adhesion, Nobody Else Does the Service we Offer In The Area, 15% On Average Cost Compare to a Roof Replacement.” If you are interested in a free quote, please feel free to call us now!

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For expert roof rejuvenation services in Riverside County, California Rejuv-A-Shingle offers reliable, responsible, and efficient services. For more details about our efficient, honest, and careful services, please call us now at (951) 579-7099

  • Roof Rejuvenation Service
  • Asphalt Roof Preservation
  • Asphalt Shingle Rejuvenation Process
  • Asphalt Shingle Spray Service

Roof Rejuvenation Service

For a roof rejuvenation service that’s aimed to restore your asphalt shingle roof, turn to our specialists for our incredible technology. Imbued with soy-fusion technology, our treatments provide shingles the protection and flexibility to weather any forthcoming storm and radical temperatures. We’ll recover the state and performance of your roof, further extending its life.

Roof Restoration Service

Re-establish the integrity of your roof with a roof restoration service that highlights sustainability and customer savings. Our qualified roof rejuvenation specialists will restore the condition of your asphalt shingle roof, should your shingles show signs of granule flaking and oil loss.

Asphalt Roof Preservation

Preclude a complete asphalt shingle roof replacement and preserve your current one instead. As roof rejuvenation pros, we specialize in asphalt roof preservation, helping you save on a roof that still holds plenty of life left. Call our roof preservation company that has worked incessantly in perfecting the ideal concoction to renew the lifecycle of your roof

Asphalt Shingle Roof

If your asphalt shingle roof shows signs of cracking or black stains, your circumstances may qualify for a restoration service. Avoid spending a chunk of change on an asphalt shingle roof replacement; rather, call us for roof rejuvenation service.

Asphalt Shingle Rejuvenation Process

Curious about how our asphalt shingle rejuvenation process goes? We’re pleased to walk you through our advanced, highly effective technology — a plant-based application designed to reinvigorate your shingles and maximize their flexibility. Watch as we add more years to your asphalt shingle shingle system with an earth-friendly and effective approach.

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Add this sought after service to your business and help homeowners save years from having to replace their roof shingles while saving thousands of dollars.

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